Three Reasons Why Fall is a “Sleeper Time of Year” for a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation

#1 A Long Fall
In the Northeast and Midwest, autumn tends to be hard to beat. But oftentimes, the ideal fall weather lasts two weeks or so. In Myrtle Beach, the weather remains generally balmy from the latter half of September all the way through November. November’s average daily high temperature is a shade under 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also the driest month of the year, meaning your chances of getting rained out of a round are slim. And if you don’t mind sweater weather, December’s daily high is a balmy 58, which is excellent, especially compared to America’s more northern climes. So as fall turns into early winter elsewhere, it takes its sweet time ‘round here.

#2 Great Green(s)
In the middle of October, many Myrtle Beach golf courses begin the overseeding process. Because the native Bermuda grass goes dormant as winter approaches, so golf course operators will lay down rye grass seed on tee boxes and fairways in order to provide some greenery and good lies for visitors. Putting surfaces generally go without overseeding these days, which is just fine: they may start to take on a slightly brownish hue but many golfers find them the most fun to putt out of any time of year in the fall.

#3 Less Traffic, More Relaxation
Even though the weather is just about as good in the fall as in the normally very busy spring in Myrtle Beach, you will notice when you’re here that traffic is less crazy, even while many of the golf courses are sporting full or mostly-full tee sheets. This is because many larger groups choose to come during the fall, traveling together in convoys of large vans brimming with golf clubs and happy players. If you have come in the spring in the past, you may well find that what is normally a 45-minute trip can take merely a half hour.

There are many reasons to come to Myrtle Beach in the fall—there’s still plenty of time this year!—but these are the three big ones. Come down to one of the worlds greatest seaside destinations and discover why autumn is awesome here. For more information on booking accommodations and tee times, be sure to visit and enjoy all the resources at and

Posted 10/18/13


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