Tidewater Renovations – Are the new greens worth the green?

It’s a golf world in Myrtle Beach, and we're just living in it. So it goes when a course closes for renovations in the Grand Strand, it draws a bit of attention. When that golf course happens to be one of the most popular and highest rated in the area with national accolades, golfers eagerly anticipate the results. For some, they approach the renovation with trepidation, fearing one of their favorite courses will be ruined forever. For the optimists of the world, they imagine one of their favorite courses getting even better. Tidewater Golf Club is one of those popular courses that just went through a renovation process. The initial results are in, and even the naysayers seem to be impressed.

The biggest change for Tidewater, of course, was the conversion to new Mini Verde Bermuda greens. Perfectly manicured greens are more than necessary for courses with the pedigree of Tidewater. Considering the state of the greens at Tidewater earlier this spring, locals and golf vacationers will not be disappointed by the new greens at Tidewater. Well-trimmed with a pure, fast roll, the new greens are worthy of the amazing views and landscapes the course is famous for.

Tidewater veterans know it’s far from an easy course. Its difficulty is one of the reasons it’s known as a top course in the area and a top public golf course in America. Having said that, the other changes that have been made to Tidewater may be a little more controversial than the greens. Anytime you hear a phrase like widening landing areas, you can assume the golf course is trying to get a little bit easier and appeal to more golfers. Sure, some Tidewater purists may scoff at the new fairways, but overall, we see this as a welcome change. The closing 18th hole features one of the fairways that was widened a bit.

Most of the other changes that were made will seem somewhat cosmetic, but in small ways, they should improve the course. Tons of new sand was brought in, literally. Tree areas were improved, as crews brought in new pine straw for the tree beds. Not all of the trees got to stick around for the renovation, as about 400 were removed, to allow in more sunlight to certain areas of the course. 

In a time of increasing costs for courses, we have to salute Tidewater Golf Club for investing in improving one of the most respected courses in the area. The greens were in a disturbing state earlier this year, but they made it right by replacing them completely. In terms of the wider fairways, we can always use an extra 20 yards of landing area here and there. The course is still one of the toughest around, and now it has the greens to match. Throw in the new sand and visual trim, and Tidewater Golf Club is sure to be on the best of Myrtle Beach and South Carolina golf lists for years to come.

(posted 12/1/14)

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