Top 3 Family Friendly Golf Jokes

Many golfers take the game way too seriously, which is why golf jokes seem to hit so close to home. One golfer's misery is fodder for laughter for millions of others, and there's no better way to cope with 18 bad holes than to share a few good-natured chuckles on the 19th.

Many golf jokes have been retold and rearranged to the point that you may not realize you’ve already heard it until halfway through. But we’ve run across a few new ones – at least to us – and twisted them to take place in Myrtle Beach. Here are three we hope will make you laugh out loud:


Genie in a Bunker


* A man is playing a round at World Golf Links when he comes to the replicated hole of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. At the bottom of one of the signature deep pot bunkers.


While hacking away to get out of the sand, he unearthed a magic lamp and began to rub it. Sure enough, out pops a genie offering to grant three wishes.


“Well, I'd like to get out of this bunker,” the man said.


“As you wish,” the genie said, and the man swung his wedge and placed it softly in the middle of the fairway.


“Wow,” the man said, becoming a believer. “Now let me hole out for birdie.”


“As you wish,” the genie said, and the man hit a 3-iron 186 yards and onto the green with enough back spin to send the ball falling in the cup.


“Unbelievable!” the man shouted, realizing he needed to make his final wish a worthwhile one. “Let's see, how about building a bridge from here to Scotland so I can play a round at the real St. Andrews.”


“Are you kidding me?” the genie exclaimed. “Do you know how far it is from Myrtle Beach to Scotland? And a tee time at R&A? I know I'm a genie but even I have my limits. Now make another wish.”


The man thought long and hard before it came to him: “I want to know how a woman's mind works.”


The genie paused, thought and said “As you wish.”


“So what time would you like to tee off?” the genie said as the massive bridge magically appeared.


The Unforgiving Tree

A vacationing golfer left the rest of his foursome back at the resort. They were wiped out after an early tee time, but he prided himself on his fitness and decided to try to sneak in nine hole at Pine Lakes International Golf Club before sunset.


He was a bit dismayed when he was paired with an elderly club member, whom he feared would slow him down. Much to his surprise the older gentleman not only played quickly, but also rather well. In fact, the two were playing stroke for stroke and a fairly competitive match ensued.


On the ninth hole, the young man's tee shot rolled into the rough and came to rest with a huge pine tree between it and the hole. He scratched his head and contemplated his options when the old man offered some advice.


“Son, when I was your age I would hit that ball right over that tree,” the club member said.


The young man took the tip as a challenge, pulled out his wedge and swung with all his might. His ball bounced off the top of the tree and landed at his feet with a thud.


“Of course, when I was your age,” the old man said, “that tree was only 3 feet tall.”


Mulligan Stew


Three gentlemen from Ireland make a golf trip to Myrtle Beach and are excited about playing The Dunes Golf & Beach Club.


They are a bit apprehensive to learn that a hot-shot club member has been added to their foursome but excited to have someone with knowledge of the course join their group.


Waiting for him at the first tee, the member strolls up to the tee box, takes a couple of practice swings and promptly hooks the ball deep into the woods. Without missing a beat, he places another ball on the tee and cranks a shot 275 yards straight down the middle of the fairway.


“In America, we call that a Mulligan,” the member said. “What do y'all call it?”


After a brief moment of silence, they all chimed in “Hitting three!”

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