Top 5 Golf Gift Ideas for 2015

Golfers are a lot like computer geeks; they have to have the latest developments in technology so they will have a new toy to blame their game on. That’s not always the case, but golfers are always looking for that extra edge to help improve their scores. If you are looking for what’s new to add to your golf bag, or if you are shopping for a golfer for Christmas, here are five items that will put a smile on their faces even if they don’t result in aces:


* Garmin S6 GPS Watch: Much like the cell phone, golf watches have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Each new model adds more features and new technology, and the Garmin S6 line is no exception. Improving on the existing features like touch-screen technology that is readable in sunlight and easy to use without removing your golf glove, the new line also includes a program known as SwingTempo, which can analyze the timing of your swing and give you audible cues about recommended adjustments. Garmin has also expanded its GPS catalog to include preloaded readings of more than 30,000 golf courses around the country with free updates of new courses. It's like having a professional caddie by your side, without the cost of a big tip.


* Myrtle Beach Golf Package: If you've been good this year, make that really good, ask Santa to bring you the best package of all – a Myrtle Beach golf package. They are a lot more fun and a lot less expensive than you might think, especially if you shop around at Offering a wide range of packages for every budget, recently released the Prime Time Rewards package, which includes four rounds of golf at some of Myrtle Beach's top courses along wit a $100 rewards card you can spend how you please. With rates starting at $271 per person, the price comes out to about $42 per round after you subtract the rewards card. You can't beat that with a 3-iron. Golfers can also save money on accommodations by booking through


* Nike Vapor Line: After a rocky start, Nike firmly establishes itself as a major player on the pro golf circuit and with Average Joes with its latest line of Vapors. Years of input from top pros resulted in this 2015 edition of drivers, fairways, irons and hybrids. Golf fans may recall Rory McIlroy debuting the Vapor driver at the 2014 Ryder Cup and the results spoke for themselves. While the Vapors might not make you hit them long and straight like McIrloy, they are already creating a buzz among curious golfers. If you want a Vapor iron for Christmas you may be in luck, but the drivers, fairways and hybrids are slated for a mid-January release – just in time to practice up for the Myrtle Beach spring golf season.


* Sports Illustrated Golf Calendar: If you are looking for an affordable gift for a golfer in the $15 “Dirty Santa” range, give something they will use all year long. Sports Illustrated, which was founded in Myrtle Beach at Pine Lakes International Golf Club back in 1953, puts out a unique line of desk and wall calendars designed for golfers of all skill level. Among the themes are the golf-tip-of-the-day, golf trivia facts and scenic photos of the top 12 golf courses around the world.


* Titleist 915 Drivers: Released just in time for Christmas, Titleist's new line of drivers are earning rave early reviews for golfers looking to generate more ball speed and less spin. Utilizing the latest in technology, the 915s unveils the Active Recoil Channel, which runs from the heel to the toe of the club head which is designed to provide maximum flex at the moment of impact. Both drivers – the 915 D2 with a 460 cc club head and the 915 D3 with a 440 cc club head – also feature an adjustable hosel system that allows golfers to adjust their loft. Try it before you buy it one of Myrtle Beach's many golf stores with swing cages.

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