Top Tips for the Golf Beginner

Golf — it’s good for the heart.

It’s also good for sharpening the mind, getting the body moving, and spending time outside. It’s tough to find a sport in which you can compete against others and yourself. If you carry your bag and walk the course, your workout gets turned up a notch, too.

Here’s a few tips we put together if you’ve decided to give this beautiful game a shot.

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Tips for the Beginner

1. Start on the Practice Range

Make this your weekly destination until you’re comfortable hitting for distance. After that, add a trip to a course every week, and a visit to a coach once a month. Stay patient and understand your game’s better long-range prospects start with fundamentals.

PRO TIP: Stretch arms, legs, and shoulders first — you’ll help avoid swing-caused injuries.

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2. Play

Swing your clubs, play chip shots, and practice putts. Anyone can do this without experience or extensive instruction. Golf should be a game you enjoy playing from the start.

PRO TIP: To get better, you’ll eventually need lessons with a pro — and you’ll enjoy the game, even more, when you’re better at it.

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3. Get Online

You can find plenty of sites with tips for beginners on everything from the game’s rules to etiquette. Research fundamentals and basic golf wear — then pick out something that reflects your style. Take these learnings to the course with you next.

PRO TIP: Research clubs too, and look for good deals.

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Do’s and Don’ts


learn to grip a club. For young players or those with small hands, a baseball grip works best to start. You can refine your grip as you get experience.


concern yourself with your score or how others are doing. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s more important to sharpen skills and foster a love for the game. The game itself is a struggle, and that’s part of its allure.


arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee time, and check in with the starter. They’ll be at the golf shop or near the first tee. You’ll get a sense of whether things are on schedule and how much time you’ll have before teeing off.


break the bank on your first set of clubs. Look for starter clubs as you learn the game, which won’t set you back a paycheck or two. As your interest and skill grow, you’ll see your interest in superior gear will increase, too.

Where to Learn in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has a few good golf schools to get you started right (or up your game.) Call on them for support.

The Golf School of Myrtle Beach at River Oaks

With instruction for all skill levels and ages 5 and older, they’re the leader in fundamentals. Even the lifelong player can see benefits from a lesson or two to improve a swing right away.

Learn More!

River Oaks Golf Club Clubhouse

Classic Swing Golf School

Considered some of the best instructors in the area, they also build clubs and do fittings. Get a detailed breakdown of your swing and easy-to-understand instruction for improvement.

Learn More!

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