TopGolf Bringing An Exciting New Attraction to Myrtle Beach


The last decade has seen the golf industry endure its share of struggles, as hundreds of golf courses have closed while a fraction fewer have opened. But out of struggle comes opportunity, and one bright spot in the industry involves an innovative re-imagination of what a “golf experience” can be.

That new form of the game is TopGolf, a chain of upscale, casual outlets that has introduced a more social avenue for people to become familiar with golf.

TopGolf consists of a driving range-type space with bays that groups of up to six people can rent by the hour. The range balls served up to guests are implanted with special computer chips that track the movements of the ball across the field of play, which itself features multiple target areas. TopGolf has developed a number of games guests can play involving these targets.

In addition, TopGolf serves food and drinks, including alcohol, helping increase its appeal not just among the coveted Millennial demographic, but among those for whom the normal entry points into the game of golf seem somewhat formal and intimidating.

Key to TopGolf’s success, though, is the fact that avid golfers also enjoy its fun and relaxed atmosphere, especially because TopGolf locations stay open well into the evening, hours past the closing times of traditional golf courses. This enables true golf junkies to extend their window for hitting golf balls.

The concept has caught on in many metro areas across the United States, from Texas to New Jersey to Florida and many places in between.

And now, TopGolf is coming to the Grand Strand.

Back in July, TopGolf – which generally does not franchise out its locations but rather expands at a pace and in places as directed by its corporate base – announced plans to break ground on a location on the Grand Strand. TopGolf Myrtle Beach will be located off 29th Avenue just across the street from Broadway at the Beach in central Myrtle Beach.

Given Myrtle Beach’s strong base of golfers – both year-round residents and scores of thousands of annual visitors – it seems inevitable that TopGolf’s foray into one of the world’s foremost golf destinations will be a hit.

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