Under-The-Table Deals


UNDER-THE-TABLE DEALS  Regrettably, we have found that a large majority of golf packagers have self-serving “inside deals” with certain courses (usually the crummier ones, or ones that they have an interest in). These questionable practices cause them look out for their “buddies” at the courses, instead of being objective and looking out for the golfers’ best interests. 

In order to drive the unsuspecting golfer to the courses that they have “deals” with, or which they have an interest in, these unscrupulous characters will do, and say, anything to keep golfers from playing any other courses. They habitually lie about the availability and conditions of courses where they don’t have a “deal,” or self-serving interest in. If you experience any of these dirty dealings and want to tell us about them, please e-mail us atInsideScoop@mbga.com.


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