VPAR, A Must-Have Golf App

The golf course is no longer a technology-free zone — in fact, far from it. While some stuffy private clubs may continue to disallow cell phones, public and resort layouts are setting the scene for all kinds of interactions, both in person and over social media. Just browse the accounts of golf-loving people and groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you’ll come across hundreds of photos and videos of people having fun on the golf course.

It was only a matter of time before all this social technology started having a direct impact on the golfing experience. Enter the inventors and overseers of VPAR, one of the most popular golf apps “on the market” — the quotation marks are added because the app is free to download.

What makes VPAR particularly interesting and effective is that it can be useful for a solitary golfer or a large group on a trip. These are its main features:

Live Leaderboards
Multiple-foursome groups make up a huge portion of the golf-traveling public, and many of these groups like to add a competitive element to their golf trips. VPAR’s live leaderboard function allows users to keep score in their matches, and its real-time updating allows all groups to track all matches in the most accurate way possible.

If you have a really big group, or if you’re organizing a more formal tournament, VPAR is built to provide live scoring in the same way. The app is used for more than 750 events annually, from charity outings to amateur and pro-am events. Of note to Grand Strand golfers is the fact that VPAR is used for live scoring during the Championship Round of the annual Myrtle Beach World Am, known as the world’s largest amateur golf tournament.

Individual Performance Tracking
How many strokes under or over par were you during your last five rounds? How many fairways per round do you hit? How many pars do you make per round? You probably don’t know these statistics offhand, but if you did, you’d be able to craft your practice sessions around improving the areas of your golf game that need it the most. But with VPAR, you can keep track of these and other stats in a simple, informative way. That way, you can make the most out of your practice and lower your handicap at a faster rate than ever before.

GPS and Course Yardage Information
Yardage books can be inaccurate and outdated, and golf-cart GPS systems can be a mixed bag as well — which is why VPAR’s GPS capabilities are particularly valuable. Not only does VPAR present one of the most accurate such systems in the industry, it is also one of the easiest to use. You can measure distances to certain points on the hole you’re playing, and you can always view yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, as well. Armed with VPAR, you can plan your route on any hole you play — with no need to worry about unexpected or blind trouble.

As you can see, VPAR is a must-have golf app. Just head to the Apple App store, download it, and enjoy!

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