Practice Putting off the Green

Myrtle Beach is famous for golf. With more than 80 championship courses on the Grand Strand, golfers have plenty of options when it comes to playing a serious round on the links.

But fewer know that Myrtle Beach is also a mecca for the miniature version of the sport – putt-putt golf. After chasing the little white ball around a regulation course all day, it’s enjoyable to knock a brightly colored ball in the clown’s mouth for bragging rights. Take your foursome out for some good, clean fun at the most popular putt-putt places in town:

Cancun Lagoon Golf: Here’s something you don’t see very often at a mini-golf course – air conditioning. While the summer heat or rain can make it tough to play outdoors, Cancun Lagoon offers 36 holes of both indoor and outdoor play to help combat the elements. The ancient Aztec theme is unique and allows players to descend a temple and gather clues to earn free strokes.

Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf: Anyone who grew up reading “The Lost Boys” – and that’s just about everybody – will love this Peter Pan-themed course in Myrtle Beach. Featuring giant caverns, a waterfall, and even a Captain Hook ship, this 36-hole layout completes the experience with cannons splashing in the water and audio recordings from the soundtrack. The big finale features a shot down a slope besides the waterfall, and a hole in one nets a free round.

Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf: Fans of “Game of Thrones” might find this mini-golf course captivating. Featuring a Middle Ages theme complete with a castle and fire-breathing dragon, this Broadway at the Beach attraction offers a unique putt-putt experience. The favorite hole involves hitting a hole in one and angering the dragon to shoot out a blast of flames.

Hawaiian Rumble Mini-Golf: Putt-putt fans will find it worth the drive to North Myrtle Beach to play this famed layout. Built around a giant smoldering volcano, Hawaiian Rumble offers an eruption every half hour and fun putt-putt action around the clock. In fact, the Masters of Mini-Golf and the US Open of Mini-golf are held at this course annually. There’s also a nice gift shop with a live talking parrot.

Jurrasic Mini-Golf: If you loved the Jurassic Park movie series, you will love this prehistoric-themed putt-putt course. Featuring a wide variety of dinosaurs throughout the course, as well as scenes eerily similar to the movies, Jurassic Mini-Golf allows players to step back in time for a fun round. Featuring frightening creatures on virtually every hole, Jurassic Mini-Golf is the perfect place for unusual photo ops.

Pirates Watch Adventure Golf: Arrrrrgh you ready for some pirate-themed putt-putt golf? This Myrtle Beach mini-golf course has plenty of treachery and trickery that requires a steady hand and some imagination to get around all the obstacles on the greens.

Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf: Imagine you are stuck on a deserted island armed only with a putter and a golf ball. That’s the basic theme at this nearby mini-golf hot spot, which features crystal-blue waters and nautical props as you putt your way around the challenging layout.

Treasure Island Golf: For a putt-putt course, this one features some serious challenges. Make your way your way around the caves and caverns and be prepared to make some creative bank shots.

Those are just a few of more than 50 mini-golf courses located on the Grand Strand, so come prepared to put away the clubs after your regular round and pick up the putter for some good times on Myrtle Beach’s many mini-golf layouts.  Book your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Today.



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