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Welcome everyone first let me introduce myself: I'm Susan Eskridge, and i'm the Golf Marketing Manager here at MyrtleBeachGolf.com, this is my first blog and I’m so excited to leap into this exciting adventure! I hope you take time to read my “Scorecard” every week to see what’s happening in Myrtle Beach, and more importantly what’s happening on the links.

Summer time is here in Myrtle Beach, but it’s only the first of Spring- I don’t understand but I’m not complaining either! High of 77, I’ll take it! The only thing I wish is I could actually enjoy this nice weather and not just talk about it!

If you all haven’t started planning your late spring/early summer golf trip it’s never too late! May is great time to come to Myrtle Beach- the weather is HOT Amazing and the courses are ready to play! The family trips haven’t begun, the prices are great, and the rooms are going fast- so BOOK NOW! I hope to see you all here in the upcoming months!

Here are my top 5 reasons to come to Myrtle Beach: Do you all have any other favorites?

1. The Beach- Myrtle Beach stretches over 80 miles of beautiful coast from Little River to Georgetown, SC! And so many beautiful spots along the way! Whether you’re looking for quiet serene beaches or crowd hopping busy beaches the “Grand Strand” has something to offer!

2. Golf- Myrtle Beach is the “Golf Mecca” of the US, also known as the golf capital of the US! There are over 100 golf courses to choose from within the Grand Strand!  From Luxury to municipal courses, Myrtle Beach has everything to offer its guests.  If you’re not looking for ‘real golf’ there are over 50 miniature golf courses also! TONS to choose from- why are you waiting! Visit www.myrtlebachgolf.com and start planning- I’ll see you there!

3. Accommodations: Whether you’re looking for oceanfront accommodations or on site golf condos we have plenty to choose from.  Take time to call one of our exceptional golf coordinators and have them help you plan a vacation of a lifetime! When coming to Myrtle Beach (www.myrtlebeachhotels.com) is the site with all of your planning tools for the family vacation!


4. Food: Myrtle Beach has 100’s of different dining opportunities depending on tastes buds! Whether you’re coming to Myrtle Beach for “Real” Seafood or unique family owned restaurants the Grand Strand offers it! Some of the top places to hit in Myrtle Beach are the Famous Sea Captains house which has been in existence since 1962! The Sea Captains offers a wide array of Sea Foods, and Steak specialties.  This year is the Sea Captains House 50th Anniversary and is still pulling in large crowds night after night!

5. Attractions: If you all haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in the past few years there are some new exciting attractions to be sure to visit! The Sky Wheel is new to Myrtle Beach for 2011, it is a Ferris wheel which is situated along the boardwalk in the heart of Myrtle Beach! It has over 1 million LED lights which light up the boardwalk and surrounding areas with beautiful light spectrums. Dixie Stampede closed down in 2010, and this past fall was reopened in the Pirates Voyage- which is still owned by Dolly Parton! Instead of watching horses racing around, you are entered into a pirate’s voyage (which still includes the amazing meal to go along with it).  Be sure to check out these things when planning your trip to Myrtle Beach!




See you guys next week! – Susan

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