What You See Isn’t Always What You Get


WHAT YOU SEE ISN’T ALWAYS WHAT YOU GET  Don’t get sucked in by all of the pretty pictures of the golf courses, and especially the lodging properties, that you see in advertisements, literature or on the Internet, as they can sometimes be very out-dated and misleading.  

Some Myrtle Beach properties are still using shots that are over 10-years old. 

Also, since many of the lodging properties make their money from management fees, and upkeep and renovations cut into their revenues, they put off any improvements for as long as they possibly can, or just refuse to do any at all. We know of a couple of large resort groups with old properties that haven’t done anything to any of their units except to slop some paint on the walls, throw down some cheap carpet and change the curtains and linens. Therefore, we recommend that vacationers find out how old a property is, if there is a new addition or when the last renovation occurred (and what they actually did), before booking. Better yet, find a newer facility. Many golfers now look for future lodging options while they are here.


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