Why Play Golf in Myrtle Beach? Our Reviewers Count the Ways


Here at Myrtle Beach Golf, we go to great lengths to keep you posted about all the many wonderful reasons to play golf on the Grand Strand.

But sometimes it’s nice to hear it from another source, and there are lots of them. From professional golf reviewers to Average Joes and Janes, the consensus agrees with us – Myrtle Beach Golf is awesome.

From the 80-plus championship courses on the Grand Strand to all the great things to do off the course, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to plan a golf getaway for families, friends and golf groups.

We did a little digging around and found some of the best reviews from some of the top golf media outlets in the business. We also include comments from our many fans who pick Myrtle Beach over all the other golf destinations. Here’s a small sampling of what they are saying about Myrtle Beach:

In a Golf.com article aptly headlined “Myrtle Beach Golf: The Ultimate Guide to America’s Ultimate Golf Destination,” one reviewer chose to focus on all the great things Myrtle Beach has to offer off the course as well as on it:

“For those in the know, there is tremendous quality on offer, too. More and more, that extends beyond the fairways and greens to all aspects of a Myrtle Beach golf trip – dining, nightlife, attractions, you name it.”

GolfAdvisor points out that Myrtle Beach offers “more variety than just about anywhere on the coast” and gives great pointers about how to save money on your golf vacation:

“A la carte green fees are a good way to pay double (or more) than you should for golf. Golf packages are the way to go, unless you’re not picky at all with courses. Then you can look for last-minute specials.”

Golf Digest: The popular news magazine highlights how the variety of Myrtle Beach golf courses keeps golfers busy, and coming back for more:

“In a town filled with 7,000-plus yard courses crafted by headline designers from Robert Trent Jones to Tom Fazio, the biggest challenge for golfers is not how to play these championship layouts but rather which ones to play.”

Golf HQ sounds like it is willing to share its title of “Golf Headquarters: with Myrtle Beach:

“Myrtle Beach offers something different for every golfer. Myrtle Beach golf vacations are also very affordable and you can often find great packages. Whether you are seeking new challenging courses, a weekend away with some friends, or just some sunshine ñ Myrtle Beach is the place.”

10Best/USA Today highlights how the Grand Strand’s abundance of courses translates to more diversity and better value for all walks of golfers:

“(The) supply assures that middle-class visitors can pack their clubs and play for a fraction of what it costs to join or guest at a private club. Scratch golfers and weekend hacks alike can find a layout that suits their skill level.”

Reader reviews mean a lot to us, and this one posted by Dirk B. on TripAdvisor sounds similar to the feedback we receive on a daily basis:

“The value you receive for your dollar is outstanding. This was my second year going with others having stayed here previously. If you want a package where everything from accommodations to golf to food is organized for you then this is the place to start.” – Dirk B.

Myrtle Beach Golf asked some of our friends to share their personal experiences via our Flip To page:

“I was impressed with how efficient the system was with checking in at golf courses. No issues and the courses were all beautiful.” – Braeden G.

“Great courses in perfect shape. Everyone was professional and courteous.” – Nick M.

“The entire experience was fantastic! Staff was great and the course was awesome!” – Ashley B.

See, we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. Just in case you don’t believe us, lots of other golfers say the same via reviews in various media sites and message boards. Check them out for yourself and be the next convert to post about us.

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