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WOMEN'S GOLF  It’s still being documented that women are the fastest growing segment of the golfing population, yet they are the quickest ones to give it up soon after attempting to learn. Why? We think the biggest reason is the cavalier way women are treated by the chauvinistic jerks at the golf courses, but another key factor is the difficulty women have in finding a golf instructor they can comfortably relate to? We believe that the best route for women to take, when taking up the game, or in trying to improve their play, is to take lessons from a female golf pro. 

Here are some things women should consider when searching for the right golf instructor…              

  • Teaching Experience – When selecting a surgeon for a major operation you’d choose one with the best experience, so you would be best served to follow that same path with your golf instructor. Choose someone who is a certified Teaching Professional devoting all her time to teaching the game as she’ll be much more knowledgeable. She should also be a Class A member of the PGA of America or LPGA Teaching Division whenever possible.

  • Variety of Programs – What type of lesson programs for women are offered, and is there a variety of options?
  • Video Analysis – Video assessment and replay, is virtually mandatory and any type of instruction, but that is especially true with respect to golf. The best instructors utilize state-of-the-art video equipment as a key component in their programs.
  • Physiological Differences – Male golf instructors are basically clueless when it comes to tailoring their programs to take into account the critically important physical considerations and differences between male and female golfers. Their philosophy is pretty much that ‘one size fits all,’ and that’s a BIG Mistake.
  • Teaching Philosophy – A top-flight golf instructor does not teach only one way. While there are certain ball flight laws, which are absolutes, the best instructors recognize individual swing tendencies and teach each player with an individually tailored program.
  • Price – Since, regardless of our gender, we are all price conscious, it is important to remember that you tend to “get what you pay for.” As with virtually everything, cheaper is not always better, and when it comes to learning the game of golf, you want the very best, especially at the beginning. So don’t be ‘penny wise and pound foolish,’ invest in your game, and that investment will payoff handsomely for as long as you tee it up.


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