10 Steps to Plan Your Fall Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

Before I even get to the 10 steps, just remember that this is a fun process. Planning a fall golf trip to Myrtle Beach. Fun. Planning a trip to the dentist for a root canal. Not fun. So just sit back, relax, follow these easy steps and before you know it, you’ll be playing golf in beautiful weather on some of the best courses on the planet.

1. Find three friends who you don’t mind hanging out with for an extended period of time. A fall golf trip is the perfect time to reminisce about how great the summer was, how your fantasy football team is getting ready to dominate and how your kids are growing up so fast. Don’t invite your brother-in-law who you can’t stand or your friend who will likely be texting every time it’s his turn. Invite your closest friends and family. Have some good times out on the course.

2. Determine the dates that work the best for your foursome.

3. Select the courses where you want to play. Because this is a golf trip, the other decisions should be made based around where you’ll be playing. The Grand Strand has 80+ courses available to you and your friends, and they span quite a distance up and down the coast. While pretty much every course in the area is fun and very playable, my advice is to play at least one signature course. True Blue. TPC Myrtle Beach. The Love Course at Barefoot. Caledonia. You’re on vacation. Play a world-class course while you’re in Myrtle Beach.

4. Check out the deal of the decade. These are the absolute lowest rates in a decade. Now that you have your target courses, see how you can work them into one of the amazing packages Myrtle Beach Golf has put together for the fall season. The offer is good through August 31, so be sure to book soon.

5. Make your travel arrangements. Are the majority of your courses centrally located? Staying in Myrtle Beach is probably your best bet. If a lot of the courses you’re playing are north, perhaps even in North Carolina, a hotel in North Myrtle Beach may be your destination of choice. Because the Myrtle Beach area offers so many courses, for your convenience you’ll want to stay in an area that’s closest to all of your golf action.

6. Drive or fly. Depending on where you’re coming to Myrtle Beach from and your travel preferences, make arrangements to get here by car or plane.

7. If you’re flying, check out your options for shipping your clubs as opposed to checking them at the airport. You can do this through shipping companies or a specialty company like ShipSticks.

8. Think about the other activities you want to do while visiting Myrtle Beach. The beach, restaurants, new entertainment options like the Hollywood Wax Museum, shopping. You have endless options when it comes to your time off the course. Make the most of your trip and check out what Myrtle Beach has to offer. Better yet, find the places you want to show your family when you bring them on the next trip to the area!

9. Practice! Hit the course or the driving range a few more times than usual to ensure your game is in peak form for your trip.

10. Prepare for the jealousy. Your family and friends who aren’t coming on the trip with you are going to be envious. That’s just a fact. Be as gracious as possible because on the inside you’ll secretly be thinking how amazing the trip is going to be. Get ready, pack your bags and maybe even bring them back a souvenir.

There you have it. This is probably one of the easiest lists you’ve had to follow in some time. Looking forward to seeing you golfing in Myrtle Beach this fall!

(posted 7/29/14)

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