4 Ways to Take Your Golf Look from the Shadows to the Spotlight

Swing, stroke, putt and a calm demeanor all play a part in becoming the talk of the golf course but now there’s another aspect to consider: Your fashion! Golf fashion trends have become the hottest new topic for everyone from announcers to golf enthusiasts. And the golf manufacturers are providing us with plenty of apparel options for the course.

• Fashion Trend #1: Classic Golf just got Brighter
Companies like Loudmouth Golf and Ralph Lauren are shaking up golf’s classic go-to pleated pant with vibrant colors and patterns that will have you as the center of attention. Pro golfers John Daly and Billy Horschel have been spotted wearing everything from neon polka dots to octopus patterned bottoms. Love them or hate them, these colors and patterns are making a statement and definitely getting golfers noticed.

• Fashion Trend #2: Flat Brimmed Hats
This So Cal trend brings off the course fashion straight through to the 18th hole. Younger golfers like Rickie Fowler have introduced the trend of flatter brims to the course, and with the success he’s been having at majors lately, it looks like a style that might stick around a while. This is another trend where colors and patterns vary. Puma offers some fashionable options. Pick a complimentary color; be careful not to over match the rest of your outfit especially if you choose a brighter colored brim.

• Fashion Trend #3:  The Belt
The belt can be an overlooked accessory in every day life, but that’s not the case on the course. Belts serve a purpose and accessorize your look. Companies like Beltology put belts on top priority. And by stepping away from the standard golf brands, you can show up with a unique look that everyone isn’t wearing. If you aren’t a fan of the “louder” golf clothes trend, you can always accessorize your classic look with a pattern or color that won’t overwhelm closet.

• Fashion Trend #4: Spike-LESS = MORE
This fad turned full-blown fashion trend has become popular across all golf skill levels. This hybrid golf shoe goes where no spiked golf shoe has been before, through the clubhouse. Maybe the days of changing shoes at the golf course will soon be a thing of the past?

Warning! These golf trends are all hot right now, but only the brave can try them all at once. While some golfers will always wear the classic polo and khakis, the new style trends are bringing a fresh look to the game. Although you may never win a Green Jacket, you may be ready for the red carpet when you pull off these stylish looks.

(posted 8/18/14)
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