Visit Myrtle Beach This Winter: Your Golf Game Will Thank You

For those of us who don’t live in a gorgeous subtropical climate year round, the same thing happens every year. As sure as football season, Black Friday sales and 24 hours of A Christmas story, winter in most of the US means a loss of some or most golf skills while the snow falls and the ground is frozen. All of the good habits you picked up after playing all summer seemingly go down the drain after a long winter. Your swing has a perfect tempo. Your three putts are rare. You even figured out the flop shot. Now winter is here and all of that progress will be lost.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a friendly southern town called Myrtle Beach that offers world-class golf in November, December, January and beyond. Check out all of the reasons why you should take a trip to Myrtle Beach for golf this winter. (And they all don’t have to do with golf!)

• 60 degrees is always better than 10 degrees. It may get a little chilly at night in Myrtle Beach during the winter, but there’s nothing like feeling that sunshine on the golf course during the day.
• Your golf game will be way ahead of your buddies when it finally gets warm up north. You’ll remember how to swing, chip, putt and actually know how to play golf next spring.
• You don’t have to wait 6 or 7 or 8 months to play golf again.
• You have your choice of more than 80 Myrtle Beach-area golf courses.
• Smaller crowds mean even better access to all of the aforementioned outstanding golf courses Myrtle Beach.
• Smaller crowds also mean typically lower prices and better travel deals.
• You get a break from the snow.
• You will be just a little bit tanner than family and friends at home.
• You can check out Myrtle Beach attractions without waiting in line.
• You can take selfies in front of the ocean. (Come on, just do it, everyone at home will be jealous.)
• If you’re a really good planner, you can take two trips to MB this winter and really prep your game for next spring.
• You get to trade the fast-paced life at home for a bit of slow southern relaxation.
• You have your choice of fresh seafood or delicious barbecue, as part of your hundreds of dining options, once your round is over.
• You can think of your family and friends back home. With all of the shopping options including outlet stores, you can make a lot of people happy and save some cash for the upcoming holiday season.
• I repeat. You get a break from the snow.
• While you’re here, you can book a summer vacation to bring the family to town. And, of course, book a few tee times to see how your game stands up to the Myrtle Beach summer heat.

Do yourself a favor this winter. Don’t let the golf hiatus bring your game back to square one. Take a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. You can tell your bosses you’re going on a golf swing maintenance retreat. They’ll understand. They’ll probably want to join you.

(posted 8/19/14)

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