Must-Have Fall Golf Gear

You’ve booked your flight, reserved your resort in Myrtle Beach and know exactly where you will dine each night, now comes the hard part. Packing! The what-to-bring vs. what-you- need debate will haunt you every night until you board the plane. You are on-point with the golf necessities, but need some tips on what’s hot for fall. We all know the weather is ever changing in fall, so you need to be prepared for that beautiful 80-degree day or that cold, rainy morning at the course. Here’s your guide to all of the must-have gear of 2014.

Spikeless Golf Shoes
While spikeless golf shoes aren’t new for fall their popularity is growing. Pro golfers have been wearing them on tour for quite a while, but they are now available from almost every golf brand. For fall, however, make sure you have a waterproof pair, so your feet stay nice and dry. You can now feasibly transition from the car to the course to the clubhouse without changing shoes or ruining spikes. Many golfers find them more comfortable, more versatile and the best option to pack for a weekend getaway. Check out the Ecco EVO One

Hybrid ShortsThere are two new shorts styles that are making a big impression on the traveling golf market. The first are Travis Mathew Shorts. These relaxed-fitted shorts are also reversible, which means less to pack! The other new option in the world of shorts is “amphib” or “amphibian” shorts. These land-to-water shorts options come in a variety of patterns colors and fits. They are lightweight and are a quick drying material for playing in the rain. They are fashionable for the course and designed for a post-round dip in the pool.

Rain Gear
So what if it rains? As long as you are prepared, no worries! Rainwear companies have come a long way in waterproofing technology. Golf Digest recently touted the Abacus Pitch 59 Rain Jacket that was featured at this year’s annual PGA Merchandise Show. The material is stretchable to conform to your swing while maintaining its maximum breathability. It even has an interior pocket feature that includes a towel for drying your ball. Not sure about a jacket, go for the Blunt Umbrella otherwise known as a “personal weather canopy.” (

We like to be optimistic that your fall golf excursions will be filled with wall-to-wall sunshine. In that case, you may need a new pair of shades. For fall 2014, you can choose sunshades in almost any color, shape, style with a range of UV protection levels.  Some golfers may shy away from sunglasses, but so many companies make their varieties so light, you barely know you’re wearing them. Choose a pair with polarized lenses to protect your eyes from glare. Brands such as Oakley, Kaenon, Under Armour and Tifosi offer good options designed to stay in place during your swing.

Whether it’s bright sunshine or a brief rain shower, you’re ready for anything on the course – from head to toe. There’s nothing left to do but make your fall golf tee times!

(posted 8/20/14)
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