2013 PGA Merchandise Show Sports Gear and Gadgets for Myrtle Beach Golfers

Some products in particular might be of particular interest to golfers who love to tee it up in Myrtle Beach. Here are four such products.

Vibram Five Fingers Toe Shoes ($140)
With non-traditional golf shoes on the rise, these may be the most non-traditional of them all. Vibram’s Speed XC shoes are not golf-specific, but the treads on the bottom are great for gripping turk if you’re running, beating balls or playing 18 holes. Each shoe weighs less than 6 ounces, too, making it feel like you’re wearing nothing on your feet at all. While they may not be a true replacement for all golf shoes, they are an interesting contrarian play in your wardrobe.

QuickSpikes ($24.95)
If you live in a snowy winter climate, there may be times when you need to wrap your car’s tires in metal chains in order to provide extra grip. And living in such a climate, you probably fly when you come to Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation. Packing space can be scarce, can’t it? The tire-chain concept generally holds for Quick Spikes, an apparatus that turns any pair of shoes into golf-ready kicks. Especially if your trip is a quick one, Quick Spikes might prove an interesting alternative to packing another pair of shoes.

Real Steak Jerky ($28 for five 1.5-oz bags)
This may not directly be a golf product, but jerky is regarded as one of the best on-course snacks you can eat. High in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, it can provide a great burst of energy without overdoing it on the calorie counter. Real Steak Jerky is based in Texas and, in short, makes some of the most delicious beef and turkey jerky you will ever taste. The beef is made from flank steak, giving it an unparalleled tenderness and the flavoring—be it regular or their spicy Chipotle Cracked Pepper variety—is on point.

TaylorMade Lethal golf balls ($45.99)
This list wouldn’t be complete without a representative of the mainstream golf equipment industry. Sporting the intriguing tagline “For TaylorMade Players Only,” the Carlsbad, California-based TaylorMade-Adidas Golf’s newest Tour-level Lethal golf ball offering features an updated version of their five-layer construction technology and LDP (Low-Drag Performance) dimple pattern. PGA Tour stars Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose and a number of others have already had success with the golf ball and many amateur players have begun to make the switch, declaring themselves as TaylorMade players.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the PGA Merchandise Show is the increased energy present there as opposed to recent years. The golf industry is starting to come back, which is great news for makers of these and other golf products.

Posted 1/29/13

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