A Golfers’ Guide to Fitness

A Golfers’ Guide to Fitness

When you’re fit to play, it’s easy to smile when you swing.

We’ve all heard the jokes about golf being a sport you can play while you enjoy a cold beer. But conditioning is critical not only to good scores but an enjoyable experience. Control and stability are also crucial to quality golf. They too are byproducts of good health.

Here are tips to keep your game rolling on into the golden years.

Fast Facts About Myrtle Beach Golf

As you entertain thoughts of a fall golf getaway to the Grand Strand, here are some things you might not know.

Arcadian Shores Golf Club was Rees Jones’ first design. That design, from 1974, gave Arcadian Shores a spot among favorite courses. And Jones his first step to stardom.

There’s a graveyard at Blackmoor. It’s on No. 13. They’re graves of a plantation family and their slaves. Dozens of Horry County residents, many from the Civil War area, could be there, too.

Myrtle Beach has more courses in a centralized area than anywhere in the U.S. South Carolina isn’t high on the list of courses per state. So that lets you know the Grand Strand IS where it’s at.


Fitness Tips to Bolster Your Golf Game

If you’re suffering after every round, there’s a better way. Good fitness can help your score — and foster your love for the game.

1. Your Back Should Be Front and Center

100% of the golfing population uses its back in golf. It’s inevitable.

Why it matters: Think of the classic golf swing. The hips and shoulders move together. When the swing is right, the lower lumbar region gets a break.

How to improve it: It’s tough to sit at a desk all week and take to the links on Saturday. Stretching is a simple way to loosen your back.

Pro tips: 

  • Use fluid movements. Keep your spine relaxed. Bend your knees.
  • Stretch before every round, and always warm up.
  • Exercises to strengthen your core will benefit your back, too.

2. Fitness Is Year-Round

Just like golf on the Grand Strand, fitness should be part of every month on the calendar.

Why it matters: It’s better for your body to maintain than to catch up. During your inactive periods of golf, walk, jog, hit the gym … stay active and mobile.

How to improve it: During inactive periods, focus on strength. Closer to playing season, supplement twice-a-week fitness training with golf skills.

Pro tips:

  • As you begin an inactive season, rest! Let your body recover.
  • Golf itself helps to keep you fit. Walk the course when possible.
  • Kettlebell training can benefit a stronger golf swing.

treadmill fitness

3. Eat Well to Play Well

When you pull up a stool at the 19th hole, enjoy the best of the clubhouse. Before you hit the links, eat with some thought to it.

Why it matters: A round can last for hours. Good nutrition is key to steady blood sugar and energy. Golfers need good fuel.

How to improve it: Make lean proteins (cottage cheese, shrimp) part of your diet. They’re helpful for muscle recovery. High-caliber carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables) can help you stay fueled through 18. Or 36.

Pro tips:

  • Grab a granola bar before and after your round. 
  • Drink lots of water on the course, instead of beer and sports drinks.

Bacon and eggs are a great breakfast option. With toast and fruit.

The Road to Golf Fitness Starts Here

It’s a tribute to your willingness to learn something new that you’ve reached this point in the blog. Much like your golf game, golf fitness is an evolving project. Apply these suggestions and see how high you can go  — and how low your score can, too.

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