Barbara Leseney Awarded New Camaro from

Barbara Leseney and her husband, Ron, stopped in to Myrtle Beach April 22 to collect the grand prize in the Gear Up & Drive sweepstakes sponsored jointly by,, National Golf Management and U-Save Myrtle Beach.

“It’s unbelievable!” Barbara said after seeing the Victory red convertible Chevy Camaro adorned with an oversized bow.

At the press conference, Barbara shared how she originally doubted that she’d actually won a prize. “I thought, this is a big scam. But the next day, she called back!”

Barbara and Ron were also excited about the two sets of TaylorMade golf clubs loaded up into the back seat of the Camaro. Barbara said she and Ron try to play golf every day, including an annual trip to the World Amateur Handicap Tournament in Myrtle Beach, where Barbara initially entered to win the “Gear Up & Drive” sweepstakes.

“At least I’ll be able to use the clubs,” Ron joked, “I’m not so sure she’ll let me drive the car much.”

After picking up their prize in Myrtle Beach, the couple was planning to drive the Camaro back to Michigan. The Leseneys said their family, including two children, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild, are all excited to see the new car.

The couple splits their time between Charlotte, Mich., and North Fort Myers, Fla., but they come to Myrtle Beach every year. “I love the accommodations, I love the ocean,” Barbara said. “We always stay on the ocean. I just love it here.”

“We don’t get a lot of sun in Michigan, so we’re going to bring the Camaro back down next winter,” Ron said. In addition to the car and clubs, Barbara won a six night, seven day trip to Myrtle Beach including accommodations at the Breakers Resort, golf and airfare.

The runner-up winner of the sweepstakes is Richard Mills of Charlotte, N.C. Richard won a new set of TaylorMade golf clubs and a four day, three night golf vacation to Myrtle Beach.

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