Savvy Myrtle Beach Visitors Trust Their Golf Club-Shipping Needs To FedEx

You’ve probably seen the memorable commercials by now. Three panicky employees hurl their golf clubs across a hotel lobby to avoid them being seen by their boss. A satanic-looking rock band’s manager complains that their lugging their golf bags through the airport tarnishes their evil image. Mark Steffenhagen insists that the beverage he has named after himself, iced tea and lemonade, is completely different from an Arnold Palmer, which is lemonade and iced tea. All three ads serve to tell the audience that FedEx offers easy golf club-shipping services for the traveling golfer.

That FedEx service, allows golfers to avoid the hassle that befell the aforementioned satanic musicians: checking one’s golf clubs at the airport. A number of options for forwarding one’s golf clubs to a great golf destination such as Myrtle Beach are available for traveling golfers. The main option is to bring one’s golf bag to any FedEx location—there are more than 1,800 in the United States, so chances are there’s one nearby—and witness the employees wrap and box the golf bag up and specify the first golf course of the trip, the idea being for the bag to be waiting when players arrive.

Alternatively, FedEx golf club shippers who already have hard-shell travel cases can register online at, print out shipping labels, affix them to their packed club case and drop the case off at one of the aforementioned FedEx locations.

And if you book a golf package through, you will be able to secure passage for your sticks to Myrtle Beach at a discount as a result of an exclusive partnership agreement between MyrtleBeachGolf and FedEx.

“It’s yet another way we offer a unique, comprehensive golf package booking experience,” said spokesman Brian Miller. “We are the only golf package company offering this exclusive service at discounted rates for our guests in Myrtle Beach. They can ship their clubs with door-to-door service for less than it often costs to check them at the airport.”

This “door-to-door” service refers to the fact that visiting golfers, when booking their vacations through, can also arrange for their clubs to be sent to the first course on their itineraries, all at an exclusive rate. For more information, visit or call (855) 409-2177. And enjoy not having to worry about dragging your clubs through the airport. Fix yourself a tall, cold Mark Steffenhagen instead.

Posted 4/15/13

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