Five Things You Need to Know About Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

So you want to take a golf trip to Myrtle Beach but don't know where to start? You've already taken the best first step by visiting, the official golf package provider for the Grand Strand's top golf courses and accommodations, and the best place to find great deals.

With access to over 90 golf courses and more than 20 oceanfront resorts, is your one-stop spot for putting together that perfect golf package while also saving money. All you have to decide is where you want to stay and play and when you're coming, and let the experienced package providers do all the rest. Here are five things you need to know before booking that once-in-a-lifetime Myrtle Beach golf trip:

 * The good news is you can design your golf and accommodations package any way you want it. With so many courses and resorts to choose from, your options are virtually unlimited. The hard part is getting your foursome or more to agree on hotels, courses, restaurants and even who gets to drive the golf cart and who has to ride shotgun. While you're never going to make everyone happy, it's important to get a consensus from your partners about what type of courses to play, the quality and location of the hotel, and most importantly, how much each golfer is willing to spend. Put together a list of recommended courses and resorts and get feedback from each one with in a group e-mail. Include a link to so they can see the resorts and the courses themselves. It's the best way to ensure a harmonious trip.

* The sooner you get your game plan together the earlier you can book your golf package, and the earlier you book your golf package the more you can save. Golf courses and hotels operate in similar ways when it comes to supply and demand. They may set aside a certain percentage of rooms or tee times at a discounted rate to ensure a minimal level of stay or play. Once that number is met the rates may increase, so it's important to get your plans finalized and make a deposit to guarantee your group the best rates available. This practice will also increase your chances of playing the courses you want and staying at the resort you prefer.

* It's important to keep the bottom line in mind, but be sure to measure your golf package options based on value, not just price. The difference can mean staying at a top resort and playing the best courses for only a few more bucks. Be sure to find the hidden value in each package, such as free breakfast at the resort restaurant or free drinks at the hotel bar. If you plan to do more than play golf while you're in town, some resorts offer free tickets to some of the top attractions in town, such as Ripley's Aquarium, WonderWorks and more. Those little extras can add up so don't forget to factor them into the equation.

* If you are flexible on dates, courses and accommodations you can save even more by checking out Myrtle Beach Golf’s preset packages. Myrtle Beach National, for example, has special rates for golfers who play all three of its award-winning layouts, and some resorts offer lower rates on certain days of the week during the offseason. You can also save money on air travel by being a little flexible on travel times and dates.

* Book your package with us and let our team of golf directors handle all the details. Prefer an oceanfront resort or a golf villa? Want to know which courses have undergone offseason upgrades or are currently performing maintenance on their greens? Torn over where to go for the best seafood dinner or the best place to catch a ballgame on TV? The experienced pros at can answer all your questions and provide you with a wealth of information to help make your trip a success.

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