You’ve been shoveling snow all winter instead of working on your swing, your clubs are buried deep i

You've been shoveling snow all winter instead of working on your swing, your clubs are buried deep in the closet, and now sunny Myrtle Beach is calling. It’s time to put away those snow boats and strap on your golf shoes for a relaxing golf getaway to the Grand Strand. 

Although the weather in Myrtle Beach can be tricky in the spring, the warm and sunny days increase with time and the mild temperatures allow golfers to thaw out their bones and their games. Regardless, the weather is much better for golf on the Grand Strand than in the snowy Northeast. Here are the top-five reasons to get an early jump on your game with a golf getaway to Myrtle Beach:

* The spring golf season of 2015 is shaping up to be one of the most affordable in recent memory. Due to increased competition for golfers, many courses have dropped their rates to their lowest point in years in an effort to fill their fairways with players. Package golfers are in a particularly good position to find some real deals on courses that might have previously been out of their price range. Check out the wide selection of spring packages for 2015 and save money by playing golf. 

* You've been watching “Big Break: Myrtle Beach” on The Golf Channel, and now you are ready to test drive some of the featured courses yourself. The reality TV show features spirited competition between the contestants, and viewers get to watch them tackle some of the top layouts in Myrtle Beach. They make it look so easy on television, and now is your chance to show you belong in the big time too. Book your package to play Barefoot Golf Resort, the Grande Dunes and any of the more than 100 courses that make up the Grand Strand.

* Gas prices are at their lowest point since 2007, turning a long drive to Myrtle Beach into an affordable alternative to flying. You and your foursome can even afford to chip in and rent a van or an SUV and take turns driving, and that will save you more money when it comes to getting around town and to and from your tee times. Combine the lower fuel costs with the great deals available on oceanfront resorts and championship golf courses and it's too good a deal to pass up.

* The list of accommodations you can book through a golf package is longer than ever, so golfers can stay and play in the lap of luxury without going broke. Oceanfront resorts are the best deal in town, with many offering indoor waterparks, on-site restaurants and bars and other benefits, such as the Sun Fun Rewards program that is available at select resorts and offers guests free tickets to some of Myrtle Beach’s top attractions. Stay at the exclusive North Beach Plantation, Island Vista or the Caribbean, just to name a few, and enjoy the amenities you normally wouldn’t find at another hotel.

* Santa brought the kids lots of toys, the wife those diamond earrings she wanted, and all you got for Christmas was a tool box and a tie. Dads need a little something special too, and what could be more special than a four-day getaway with your buddies to play Myrtle Beach's best courses. Tell (or ask) the wife about the great deals on golf, travel and accommodations available this spring, and how it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get together with the boys. And if that doesn’t work, try buying more earrings.


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