Golf Apparel that will help you beat the heat from head to toe

Summer is almost here, and it won’t be long before the sunshine will be beating down on golfers no matter how early or late you set your tee time.

The hot and humid conditions can take a toll on golfers, especially on the sunny shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Even with a steady ocean breeze and towering trees for shade, the conditions on the Grand Strand (and in the Northern Hemisphere) require golfers to pay extra attention to their attire during the summer months. Here’s a handy list of golf apparel and accessories that will help you keep your cool from head to toe:


Forget about fashion; going hatless exposes the most important body part to your game (your brain) to direct sunlight. In addition to scorching your scalp, face and neck, the heat can hamper your mental sharpness as well. And don’t settle for a narrow-brim ball cap that only provides shade for part of your face. The traditional wide-brim bucket hats offer maximum coverage, and several new models, like the Calloway Golf Bucket Hat, provide SPF 50 protection in the wicking material.


Protecting your eyes from damaging rays is a must during the summer months, when the sun is at its closest and most powerful point in the sky. Experts recommend polarized sunglasses that guard against hangerous ultra violet rays, but a new type of non-polarized sunglasses are taking the golf market by storm. Nike’s new X2 unisex, non-polarized shades use MAX Optics technology to provide clear views from all angles and lighting conditions while offering 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.


Polo-style golf shirts are popular, stylish and comfortable, but they provide little protection from the sun on the neck and forearm areas. Several golf outfitters have added lines of polos made of special fabrics that offer UPF 50 protection, like the Adidas Men’s Ultimate365 Blocked Golf Polo and the Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Polo. Although it’s difficult for many to wear long sleeves in the summer, Puma makes some lightweight pullovers with added protection, and Nike makes Dri-FIT Solar Golf Arm Sleeves to avoid a bad farmer’s tan.


Some golfers like to play like the PGA Tour pros and wear long pants even on the hottest days. More power to you, and all the major golf apparel companies design slacks for max comfort. But shorts are the way to go during the summer months, providing much needed relief down below. Adidas’ Ultimate 365 Golf Shorts are lightweight and made of its Climacool fabric to help golfers keep cool. Ladies can wear skirts and some daring men don kilts for the ultimate in air circulation.


We’re not suggesting you go out and buy special golf shoes just for the summer, but the heat is something you should consider the next time you pick out a pair. FootJoy, True and all the major golf shoe makers offer lightweight versions with mesh netting that provide additional air flow to your feet. Ankle socks also provide some relief over the knee-high variety.


Last but certainly not least, this is the most important coverage for golfers. Coat all areas of exposed skin with some high SPF sunscreen that is water and sweat resistant. You may need to reapply throughout your round as most major brands are only good for 1-2 hours of effective protection. A sunstick is best for facial coverage, and a nice umbrella can also help you create your own shade.

Now that you know how to dress for success in the summer heat, golfers can stock up new apparel and accessories and stay cool all summer long.

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