Golf Director Review: Barefoot Love and Eagles Nest

By Anne Wheeler, Golf Director

I had the opportunity to play The Love course.  Very nice course all around.  Challenging but not too challenging for someone with a medium high handicap.  The greens and fairways were in marvelous shape.  The views are very nice on and off the course with well maintained facilities.  The staff was very helpful and nice.  The ladies restroom on the course was well kept, clean.  A great experience and worth the money!!

Last week I played Eagles Nest.  It was not what I expected.  The greens and fairways had been overseeded and were overwatered.  A lot of mud and it seems they allowed for carts on the fairway which wasn’t going to help the overseeding.  The staff wasn’t overly friendly but acceptable.  The ladies restroom on the course was awful, bad odor, not clean.  It would have been a better experience if they hadn’t overwatered.

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