Golf Director Review: Heather Glen

By Joe Brondhaver, Golf Director

I had a chance to play Heathers Glen on Sunday, November 13.  For starters, the day was absolutely perfect.  I got there around 8:00am, but I wasn't due to tee off until 8:28am.  Once I checked in, “Curly” sent me out anyways.  The staff was helpful and excited.  They were eager to answer any questions and sent me out with a detailed course diagram that gave me pointers on each hole.  I found that extremely helpful with being a new golfer.

The starter asked about the front 9 when I made the turn.  He did wish me luck and gave me some pointers too.  I played the White Course for the front 9 and the Blue Course on the back 9.  I am a novice golfer and I got a little worried when I shot an 8 on the first hole, but I hung in there.  The more I played on, the more I relaxed.  Both 9s were in great shape and they seemed to be a bit due to the recent rain.  As the morning went along, they dried up and I found myself being challenged, but comfortable.  The challenges were good for me and I was playing alone.

There weren't too many people playing and that allowed me the patience to take my time and analyze my shots.  I never really felt beat up, and I came home with one ball.  I would gauge how well I did by how many balls I had left.  The 8th hole on the White course, “The Spectacle,” was one of the more difficult holes I played.  I managed my shot and did what I could to execute it.  I also found myself on the 8th hole on the Blue course, “Perfection,” a challenge too.  The best hole was the “Short Hole,” Blue Course #5.  I hit a tee shot and put it 16 feet from hole and 1-putt the ball.  It was the only hole under Par and 168 yards with a 3wood off the tee.

I would recommend this course to anyone, including novices.  I think it gives an even mix of easy to challenging holes.  I shot a 117, and in my eyes, not a bad round for my first 18.  Even better, I came home with a ball and didn't lose them all.   I can't wait to go back.

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