Golf Fun Doesn’t Stop When the Sun Goes Down in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is famous for two things: Beautiful beaches and world class golf courses. But the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets on these popular outdoor venues. The beaches might be bare at night, but the golf action never stops on the Grand Strand.

OK, so you might not be able to get a late-night tee time at any of the 80 plus golf courses within a 60-mile radius of Myrtle Beach, but you and your foursome can still find lots of golf-related activities to keep your round going beyond the 18th hole. Here are a few evening activities to add enhance your Myrtle Beach golf getaway:

Par-3s: Two of the Grand Strand’s top Par-3s – Cane Patch and Midway – recently closed, leaving a void for short links with lighting. But Tupelo Bay Golf Center in nearby Garden City Beach more than makes up for it with a masterful Par-3 that’s perfect evening play. In addition to a classic 18-hole layout, Tupelo Bay also has a short course that is well-lit and loaded with bunkers and water hazards to increase the degree of difficulty. Tupelo Bay features nine holes ranging from 73 to 105 yards. Work on your irons, wedges and putting to improve your overall short game, and bring along your children for a nice introduction to the sport. Tupelo Bay also allows patrons to ride carts for a quicker round or walk the short course for a little extra exercise.

Novelty Golf: Tupelo Bay has much more than just big and small golf courses. The center also boasts a lighted driving range, disc golf and footgolf layouts. Footgolf, you say? That’s right. Soccer lovers and adventurous golfers love kicking a regulation soccer ball down the fairway and into the oversized golf hole, while disc golf players can literally experience the sport in a new light. There’s also a 36-hole Jamaican-themed miniature golf course and ice cream parlor so the loser can buy a round of Rocky Road.

Putt-Putt-Golf: You probably know that Myrtle Beach is a world-renowned golf destination, but you might be surprised to learn that the Grand Strand is also the Mini-Golf Capital, as well. In fact, Myrtle Beach hosts the annual Masters of Mini-Golf and U.S. Open of Prominigolf, and there’s even an Olympic Training Facility in North Myrtle Beach. Featuring dozens of putt-putt courses decorated with giant sharks, dinosaurs, pirate ships and volcanos, Myrtle Beach offers a fun night out for families and friends. Move your foursome’s skins game to a local putt-putt course and let the golf balls and good times continue to roll. What better way to cap a fun day of golf on the Grand Strand than by hitting your final shot of the day in the clown’s mouth?

TopGolf: If you have never visited a TopGolf franchise before, you are in luck. The new Myrtle Beach location at Broadway at the Beach is set to open this fall, giving golfers the ultimate off-the-course experience. Blending food, drinks and music with the game of golf, TopGolf features driving ranges, swing simulators and virtual reality games that allow patrons to enjoy a little friendly competition. This place is great for non-golfers as well, and the whole family can experience an exciting twist on golf.

Virtual Reality Golf: Technology has come so far that golfers can virtually play 18 holes without leaving the house. The Grand Strand has several arcades and hot spots that boast state-of-the-art golf simulators so realistic you will feel like you are playing a round at Augusta National or Pebble Beach. Dave & Busters at Broadway at the Beach and the Nexus VR Arcade and VReX VR Arcade are among the outlets that feature cutting-edge golf simulator games that can take you on a bucket list golf tour around the world while you work on your swing and battle friends for bragging rights.

Myrtle Beach offers golfers a rare opportunity to enjoy the sport both day and night. Book your fall golf package and prepare for some double-duty fun.

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