Myrtle Beach Golf By the Numbers

Golf is a game of numbers. 300-yard drives. 30-foot putts. 56-degree wedges. Titleist Pro V1s. 4 major championships. 18 holes. And hopefully, really low scores. With the Grand Strand being the unofficial golf capital of the country, let’s take a look at Myrtle Beach golf by the numbers…

75… the average annual temperature in Myrtle Beach. The weather has to be one of the biggest reasons Myrtle Beach has become such a golf mecca. Check out these average monthly temps:
   • January: Average high 56 degrees
   • February: Average high 60 degrees
   • March: Average high 68 degrees
   • April: Average high 76 degrees
   • May: Average high 83 degrees
   • June: Average high 88 degrees
   • July: Average high 91 degrees
   • August: Average high 89 degrees
   • September: Average high 85 degrees
   • October: Average high 77 degrees
   • November: Average high 69 degrees
   • December: Average high 60 degrees

215… the number of sunny days per year in Myrtle Beach
102… the number of golf courses listed by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Statistical Report
50… the number of area golf courses rated 4 stars or more by Golf Digest
3,400,000… the number of people who visit Myrtle Beach for golf per year, on average
4,000… the number of golfers who participate in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship each year, on average
$1,800,000… the amount of money the Hootie & the Blowfish has donated to charity, largely due to its annual Monday After the Masters event, which takes place at the Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach.
65+… the number of high school golf teams from around the country who participate in the Palmetto High School Golf Championship each year in Myrtle Beach. The tournament will hold its 18th annual tourney in 2015.
12… the number of hopefuls currently participating in Golf Channel’s Big Break Myrtle Beach

In addition to the golf numbers, here are a few numbers related to the vacation paradise, in general:
  • 14,000,000… the number of visitors to Myrtle Beach each per year
  • 460… the estimated number of hotels in Myrtle Beach
  • 1,900… the estimated number of restaurants in Myrtle Beach. Odds are you’ll find one or two that you like.
  • 1… gorgeous Atlantic Ocean to visit between rounds!

Like they say, numbers don’t lie. Myrtle Beach has the weather, the golf, the hotels and the restaurants. Visit anytime to see what kind of low numbers you can put on your scorecard!

(posted 11/3/14)

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