The Ultimate Seven (Golf) Course Meal in Myrtle Beach

Elaborate traditional meals in the food world consist of seven unique courses ranging from cold or hot hors d’oeuvres or appetizers to palate cleansers to hot or cold desserts. In Myrtle Beach, we’re all about different kinds of courses. Golf courses to be specific. With all of the delectable golf courses in the Grand Strand, we decided to find the modern Myrtle Beach golf course equivalents to those classic seven dishes. We don't think you’ll be disappointed with a single entrée.

The appetizer – In this day and age, the initial course of the meal should be fun and should not be taken too seriously. In Myrtle Beach golf, we start with The Wizard. While it isn’t considered one of the most famous courses in the area, The Wizard offers a nice lowcountry track with some memorable holes, especially 16-18. A wonderful course to whet your appetite to the courses ahead.

The soup – After the opening act, you definitely need some liquid to prep you for the rest of the meal. In the golf world, naturally we chose a golf course with a lot of water, but not the crazy, unplayable kind of water. Crow Creek, just across the North Carolina border in Calabash, offers a visual feast of water on nearly every hole. That said, on most holes, the water is less challenge, more charm of a satisfying Southern golf course.

The fish – This is an easy one. For your Myrtle Beach fish course, you have get reservations aka a tee time at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. As you approach the main course, it doesn’t get much better than the lowcountry charm, natural beauty and timeless golf at Caledonia. Trust us, this is one course you won’t want to end.

The palate cleanser – With so many fun courses done and so many amazing courses to come, you need a chance to recharge and prep for the back nine of the meal. Hit a local driving range like Tupelo Bay to make sure you’re ready for the main course.

The main course – While it’s so difficult to pick one main course in MB, our choice is the ageless wonder that is the Dunes Golf and Beach Club. Enchanting golfers with salty ocean breezes and unique flavors on every hole, the Dunes Club is one of the highest rated courses in the area. Today, we typically eat one courses per meal, and the same holds true with the Dunes Club. If you only get to play one course while in town, you can’t go wrong here.

The cold dish with salad or fine vegetable – Nothing is going to compare to the main dish, but you still want a satisfying follow-up. It’s always good to go with a classic. In this case, our choice is Pawleys Plantation. A Nicklaus design, Pawleys truly does not take a back seat to many courses with its oaks, marshes and creeks perfectly woven into 18 holes of golf.

The dessert – At this point, you’re so full of amazing golf, you’re starting to question whether dessert is a good idea. So we’ve saved a tasty morsel for last. TPC of Myrtle Beach once finished the Senior PGA Tour season with the 2000 Senior Tour Championship, so it’s a perfect course to finish our meal. TPC Myrtle Beach fittingly has some delicious finishing holes. 17 is a long par 3 with water guarding half of the green, and 18 is a stunning par 5 with water on the left and sand to the right on your approach.

Seven Myrtle Beach courses is quite the meal. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a nap.

(posted 11/4/14)

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