New and Improved Site Puts the Power in Golfers’ Hands

You’ve probably noticed the difference in your golf game after you pick up a new set of clubs, or when your favorite course installs new putting surfaces. The same is true for your favorite golf web site,, which has undergone a series of upgrades and improvements to better serve you.

Still providing the best, fastest and most accurate and updated information about golf on the Grand Strand, has taken that mission to the next level with a renovated site that makes it easier than ever before to find, identify and book your next golf getaway to the Carolina coast.

In addition to upgrades on the technical side, including faster overall site speed and controls, has also taken on a more user-friendly design to help you navigate your way through the site and find what you are looking for. It’s also given a stronger voice for our community of users who can provide their unique perspectives on Grand Strand golf like no one else with their input. It’s more than a new look; it’s a new feel.

Take the new and improved for a test drive and let us know what you think. Although there are many major and subtle changes, pay particular attention to these five additions and upgrades. Be sure to give us your feedback as we are constantly looking to better serve our golfers:

* More course and hotel information: With more than 80 golf courses on the Grand Strand and hundreds of hotels and resorts to choose from, golfers now have even more choices than ever before. makes it easier to find what you are looking for with more options and info for booking your Myrtle Beach golf trip. Our “Courses” tab offers a useful locator map and a list of all the top courses on the Grand Strand, complete with pricing broken down by tee time. The “Hotels & Lodging” tab offers some of the best resorts, hotels, condos and golf villas available.

* Improved course and package search: Find the perfect package for you and your foursome with our enhanced “Packages” tab. Not only does this feature list a wide variety of Tee Times Packages and Stay & Play Packages, but we’ve also broken them down by season so you can find the best deals to match your dates. Discover the most complete information on courses and pricing, shop and compare packages with our detailed breakdowns of courses, lodging, and special bonuses, such as $100 gift cards, free meals and drinks, and other perks offered by providers.

* Individualized Features: Create your own login and you can be your own travel agent to save even more money on your golf getaway. Registered users now have the ability to save their favorite courses, packages, hotels and more. Use that info to build your own dream package through our “Quick Quote” system that allows you to include all your personal favorites.

* Increased and improved course reviews: No one knows the courses like your fellow golfers, and MyrtleBeachGolf has an army of followers who share the latest information about local course conditions and independent reviews. Our enhanced “Fairway Insider” section features up-to-date info from some of the 5 million-plus golfers who have booked through Coming soon, golfers will be able to post their reviews, stories, photos and more.

* Extras: is your one-stop shop for the best deals in golf on the Grand Strand, but it also offers a lot more. The “Extras” tab is the doorway to the latest local golf news and information about all the fun things to do off the course on the Grand Strand. You will also find photo galleries and videos to let you see what you can expect on your next golf trip.

That brings us to the most important tab on the site – “Book Now.” After you’ve checked out all the new features and gotten the latest information on the best package deals, make it official and get ready for the golf vacation of a lifetime.

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