October is here, and it’s beginning to feel like fall!

Hello October: Golf Season is in Full Swing at MyrtleBeachGolf.com

Santana and I are currently hosting six golf socials for our guests between Monday and Thursday nights of each week.  On Monday we host our property socials where the guests get the chance to have a free party on behalf of the property they are staying at.  Compass Cove, Caribbean, Ocean Reef, Long Bay, and the Breakers all host their golf socials on either Monday or Wednesday nights depending on the amount of in-house guest there are on property each week.

(Some of our guests enjoying their Ultimate Golf Insider Golf Jackets)

At each of these property golf socials it gives us the chance to invite our golfers to our other two weekly socials at the Tilted Kilt at Broadway at the Beach on Tuesday’s and numerous locations at the Market Commons on Thursday’s.

Tuesday nights, The Tilted Kilt at Broadway at the Beach hosts our Broadway golf socials. link They run from 6-7pm and include Free Beer, Wings, and raffle prizes.  The staff is great and our guests had a wonderful experience.  Not to mention they all got their pictures taken with the beautiful tilt girls!  This past week Carl, an assistant at Pine Lakes Country Club was our visiting pro.

(Great Group from Barefoot)

(Father/Son Trip from Ohio)

(We have the BEST guests by far)

Thursday nights we host our weekly golf social at numerous locations at the Market Commons.  If you’re not familiar with the Market Commons, it’s on the old Air Force base in Myrtle Beach.  The past few weeks we have been holding it at Travinia (an amazing Italian restaurant) Great service, great food, and awesome atmosphere.   Next week is our last week at Travinia, and then we move to Nacho Hippo for two weeks, followed by Tommy Bahamas to end the 2012 fall golf season.  If you haven’t been to Market Commons yet please take time and do that. Link.  They have everything too offer from shopping, food, movies, nightlife and much more!

Heading out to the golf course as we speak to meet with some of our exceptional guests, until next week!


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